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Is not easy to bring together two Pop Queens in the same stage, but this year Starlite 2014 will make it possible and exclusively introduce the show DIVAS: Marta Sánchez and Gloria Gaynor, both dance floor number ones, will make the whole audience stand up and dance their hits, real international hymns, at Marbella’s quarry on Wednesday 6th of August.

Marta Sánchez is with no doubt one of the best Spanish female voices and one of the biggest stars, a real pop reference in Spain of the last decade. Since her career began in 1986, she has sold more than 7 million copies worldwide and has won several awards. The song “Desesperada”, released in 1993, make her reach the very top of the Spanish and Latin American charts. After this, multiple hits such as “Soy yo”, “Get together” or “De mujer a mujer” certify her impeccable recording career, making Marta Sánchez become the Spanish Pop Queen.

Gloria Gaynor, performer of the mythical “I Will Survive”, claimed by the feminine liberation movement and the gay community as their anthem, arrives to Starlite in Marta Sánchez’s company, and artist she’s eager to perform with as she has alredy said in several times. Winner of the “Legend” prize in the Monte Carlo World Music Awards, Gloria dazzled the public from the begining of her musical career, in the mid 60s. Also, was honored in 2010 by the Grammy Awards Museum in Los Angeles.

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